Alpha Boilers


Alpha Boilers – Providing the Highest Quality Boilers and Heating Equipment

A wide range of boilers and heating equipment are produced by the internationally renowned manufacturer and supplier, Alpha Boilers. Alpha products are well-known for their long lasting reliability, good functionality and affordable prices.

Alpha Boilers – High Quality Products

The advantages of these boilers are mainly associated to the high quality materials used for their manufacturing, as well as their precise engineering and the employees’ attention to detail in providing top class workmanship during the manufacturing process.

As far as the warranty of an Alpha product is concerned, it starts from the moment you get it installed, and it depends on the model you choose. If your boiler breaks down under warranty, it will be fixed for free by the company in virtually no time at all.

Boilers and Heating Equipment Provided by Alpha Boilers

Alpha products are quite diverse. Some of the most popular varieties may include:

Oil Fired Thermic Fluid Boilers
Wood Fired Thermic Fluid Boilers
Electrical Thermic Fluid Boilers
Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers
Gas Fired Hot Water Boilers
Oil Fired Hot Air Generators
Coal Fired Hot Air Generators

Oil Fired Thermic Fluid Boilers are recommended for their efficiency and amazing durability: you can operate one of these boilers at temperatures of up to 300ËšC. Furthermore, maintenance costs are more than accessible, the heat transfer to the thermic fluid is excellent and emission values are low, regardless of the type of fuel used. A few examples of Oil Fired Thermic Fluid Boilers would be: Industrial Boilers, FO Fired Boilers and Gas Fired Boilers.

Wood Fired Thermic Fluid Boilers are some of the most advanced Alpha products. This may be one of the best choices you can make, as the boilers are extremely easy to install, corrosion resistant and their operation is practically noiseless.

Electrical Thermic Fluid Boilers are very popular because of their multi-purpose industrial usage. Some of their most notable advantages include: advanced manufacturing technologies, safe operation, quality craftsmanship and reasonable prices.

Hot water boilers and hot air generations are, just like the thermic fluid boilers, highly appreciated for their superior quality, long lasting durability, efficiency, low maintenance costs and attractive price ranges.

Alpha Boilers – Durability in the Wintertime

During extreme weather conditions, the condensate drainage pipe of the boiler may freeze. Such a blockage may cause the boiler to shut down. If something like this happens, householders should know exactly what to do.

First of all, the blockage must be located: usually, the pipe freezes at one of the points that are most exposed to lower temperatures. Then, you have to thaw the frozen area of the pipe, by either using a hot water bottle or a warm, damp cloth. After removing the blockage, your boiler must be restarted. Alpha websites can provide you with precise guidelines to help you reset the boiler.

If you want high quality boilers or heating equipment, do not hesitate to choose an Alpha product. Alpha Boilers produces some of the best products of this type currently available on the market, and successfully used by many people all around the world.